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Natural protection for avocado developed

Mexico, Apr 2 (Notimex) .- With an invasive wild grass and oils from vegetable species, students from the Technological Institute of Morelia developed a protective layer so that the avocado has longer shelf life.


The students of Biochemical Engineering Diana Patricia Solís Avilés and Samara Zamudio López -with the advice of the academics Fernando Covián Nares and Fernando Bedolla Cázares- use the wild grass "bola de rey" which represents economic losses in crops.


The plant has a high content of secondary metabolites that inhibits the microbial growth of different species of both bacteria and fungi.


The Mexican young sutdents use it to stop the growth of the cause of anthracnose in avocado fruits, which is a plants´disease, and extend their shelf life up to 20 days longer.


Avocado is one of the most important agricultural fruits in Mexico.


Photo: Notimex



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