Yolixpa, a millenary spirit drink 


By Maricruz González May. Envoy


Apulco, Mar (Notimex).- With the objective of preserving the Nahuatl ancestral wisdom, Joaquin Varela Robles elaborates the traditional Yolixpa, an alcoholic beverage with medicinal purposes.


With its characteristic dark green color, the liquor is made with more than 14 herbs, including lemon balm, maltanzin (typical of the region) and rue, Varela Robles detailed to Notimex.


With a strong flavor, this drink is also consumed to treat diseases such as diabetes or respiratory diseases.


For its preparation, the piloncillo (whole cane sugar) is fermented and distilled, and then it is combined with fruit or herbs in a process that takes about two months.


Photo: Notimex

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