In search of validating traditional Mayan medicine

By Tomás Martín Correspondent


Merida, Mar (Notimex) .- The Scientific Research Center of Yucatan (Cicy, for its acronym in Spanish) seeks to scientifically validate the effectiveness of some plants that are part of traditional Mayan medicine in the treatment of various diseases.


"For many years, the way of making medicines has included the study of plants that are used in some communities or regions for many generations and much of that ancestral knowledge has resulted in effective medicines and treatments in the world of medicine" said the leader of this project, Marina Vera Ku.


She stressed that they are already working on the validation of a formula against leishmaniasis based on medicinal plants, a treatment that would have fewer side effects and that would be administered orally to the patient.


Similarly, there are already studies to validate the use of some plants in the successful treatment of some types of cancer in Mayan communities.


Photo: Notimex


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