The importance of flavor and color in tamales


Mexico, Jan (Notimex) - Mexicans will celebrate with tamales the Candlemas Day, next February 2, when the Christmas period ends.

According to the anthropologist Beatriz Ramírez Woolrich, in the country, there are more than five thousand different ways of preparing them, as well as 500 variations of tamalli, a word of Nahuatl origin meaning "wrapped."

The company dedicated to the production of food flavorings Deiman said that the colors and flavors in tamales will be the main allies of those who decide to make them at home to show off with their family and friends.

The firm has different colors such as pink, egg yellow, strawberry red, blue, chocolate brown, orange, bright red, violet, and emerald green, among others, to color tamales.


Photo: Guillermo Granados/Notimex


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