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Mexican participated in Japan's nanosatellite development

 Mexico, Jan (Notimex) - The Mexican researcher José Rodrigo Córdova Alarcón participated in the  “Aoba Velox IV” satellite's development, successfully launched by the Japanese Space Agency (Jaxa).

Córdova Alarcón received his Ph.D. from the Nanosatellite Technologies Program of the Kyushu Institute of Technology in Kitakyushu (Japan) and for his talent he was selected as a researcher in the Spacecraft Environmental Interaction Engineering Laboratory of the university.

The young Mexican developed an innovative software, with specific characteristics that Japan needed, for the orbital control system, orientation, functioning, and data analysis of the nanosatellite.

“Aoba Velox IV” will study a phenomenon called Lunar Horizon Radiance, as part of Japan's investigations for a future mission to the Moon.


Photo Notimex/Jessica Espinosa

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