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State of Mexico offers adventure, culture and nature

Toluca (Notimex) - The State of Mexico, which surrounds Mexico City, offers adventure, nature, culture and health options for tourists.

The state boasts eight tourism routes, including magical towns, historical sites, archaeological sites and adventure tourism destinations. 

One example is Bellezas del Nevado, where visitors can see musuems, the Cosmovital botanical garden and the rich handcraft traditions in the magical town of Metepec, all very close to the Nevado de Toluca voclano. 

Another example is the Monarch butterfly route, featuring a sanctuary for migrating butterflies and adventure activities including waterskiing, paragliding and sailing. 

Visitors can choose to go mountain biking and motorcross in the towns of Amanalco, Donato Guerra and Valle de Bravo.

Teotihuacán is one of the best-known places, with the pyramids of the Sun and Moon. 

The warmer climate of the sourthern part of the state offers water parks and caves. 

Photo: Notimex/Special

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