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Agave landscape one of the top sites in Tequila Route

Guadalajara (Notimex) – The Agave landscape, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2006, is one of the main attractions of the Tequila Route in the state of Jalisco.

The landscape shows vast plantations of blue agave, the plant used to make tequila.

The Tequila Route was designed to boost the region’s historic, cultural and natural richness, as well as benefitting the tequila distilleries.

The towns of Arenal, Amatitán, Tequila and Magdalena share the 34,600 hectares of blue agave plantations.

The region is also home to historic opal and obsidian mines.

The tequila producing region has improved in terms of tourism, with figures growing from 250,000 per year in 2007, up to almost 1 million this year.

“Eighty percent of the visitors are from Mexico, and the other 20 percent are mostly from the U.S. and Canada,” said Thelma García, the director of the Tequila Route.

The state’s tequila regulator council has forecast that production this year will reach 300 million liters, and expects to increase exports of the beverage to 220 million liters, up from the 211 million liters from last year.

Photo: The blue agave landscape. Lucía Lizárraga/Notimex

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