Toyota aims to sell 1 million cars in Mexico in 2019

Mexico (Notimex) - Toyota de México has announced that it aims to reach 1 million cars sold in the country by January next year, in particular models using hybrid technology. 

"We are about to reach the 1-million mark since our arrival to the Mexican market 16 years ago," said the company's COO, Guillermo Díaz. 

The company's goal for 2018 is 107,000 cars, and would help maintain Toyota de México among the top four in the country's car industry. 

"One year ago we thought this would be a challenging year, but today we feel confident to end the year with more than 107,000 cars sold," Díaz said. 

Toyota is betting on hybrid technology cars for the Mexican market through its Prius and Camry models. 

In 2018, the Toyota dealership network grew from 80 to 90, as well as reaching the number one spot in customer satisfaction. 

The top sellers are Hilux, with more than 16,000 units sold; the Yaris sedan, with more than 14.5 thousand and the Avanza, with more than 10,000. 

Photos: Public Domain (CC0)

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