Agri-food exports to Canada grow 2.6 percent

Ottawa - Mexican agri-food exports to Canada grew 2.6 percent from January to September this year, compared with the same period a year ago, official figures show. 

The figure represents $1.57 billion, up from the $1.53 billion from the January-September period in 2017. 

During the same period, Canadian exports to Mexico stayed at the same level as in 2017. 

The top Mexican agri-food products sold to Canada are avocados (up 2 percent) tomatoes (+2 percent) and peppers, up 14 percent from the previous period. 

But the products that showed the most growth in exports to Canada were vegetable oils, with a 52 percent surge. 

The top Canadian agri-food imports to Mexico are canola seeds (up 25 percent) and wheat (up 34 percent. 

Photo: Isabel Inclán/Notimex

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