A vibrant welcome for Mexico’s new President

Mexico (Notimex) – Mexico’s new President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, received a vibrant welcome in the Zocalo, the central square in Mexico City’s historic center.

The Zocalo event included traditional folk dances and music.

After the official inauguration ceremony in San Lázaro, President López Obrador was driven to the Zocalo where he expressed his gratitude with the people and reiterated his campaign promises.

A notable aspect of his speech in the Zocalo was the fact that he was accompanied on stage by members of Mexico’s vast indigenous community, who welcomed him with traditional rituals.

After López Obrador’s speech, the stage was passed on to a wide variety of musical acts, from traditional folk to modern styles.

Photo: Thousands of people filled the Zocalo square to welcome the country’s new President. Gustavo Durán/Notimex

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