Mexican artist's sculpture unveiled in Louvre Plaza

Paris (Notimex) - A red, bronze sculpture by Mexican artist Javier Marín was inaugurated in the Louvre Plaza in Paris. 

The piece is titled "Reflection VII," and will be at the iconic Parisian location until January 7. 

"It's a real privilege to be here. I've been in many cities but as they say where I'm from: Paris is Paris. It's a wonderful city and the amount of people that come and will have the opportunity to see it is enormous," Marín told Notimex. 

"I personally love the idea of art being in public places and that it can surprise you," he added. 

The color of the piece contrasts with the stone colours of the surrounding buildings and the iconic glass pyramid of the Louvre museum. 

"It's a magnificent equestrian statue," said Paris Mayor Jean-Francois Legaret, highlighting that he would like the piece to stay permanently. 

Photo: David Del Rio/Notimex

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