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Basaltic prisms in Baja California Sur

La Paz (Notimex) - Between the towns of San Miguel and San José de Comondú, in the Baja California Sur peninsula, there is a region with great biodiversity amidst a desert. 

The region includes basaltic prisms, geometric rock formations that are part of the Giganta mountain range. 

The prisms were formed some 14 million years ago, due to volcanic activity and the movement from the tectonic plates in the area, the Tourism and Economy Ministry said. 

One of the features of the prisms is the water springs, which provide a sort of oasis in the arid region that benefits the local wildlife. 

Some of the activities available for visitors in the towns of San Miguel and San José are gastronomy tours, featuring growing fields of the reigon's most popular fruits. 

Photo: Special/Notimex

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