Triunfo Conservation Fund nominated for Pathfinder award

Mexico (Notimex) - The Triunfo Conservation Fund has been nominated for a Pathfinder award as an innovative financial mechanism to protect the biodiversity of protected areas in the state of Chiapas. 

The award if given by the United Nations Development Porgram, the International Union for Nature Conservation and the World Committee of Protected Areas. 

The Pathfinder award goes to exceptional and innovative solutions for protected nature reserves. 

The Triunfo fund is dedicated to work on the El Triunfo nature reserve, one of Mexico's largest and most important reserves, and home to one of the last cloud forests. 

The El Triunfo area was declared protected in 1990, and comprises more than 119,000 hectares of land in the Sierra Madre mountains.

Photo: Notimex/Special

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