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Mexico is an e-commerce leader in Latin America

Mexico (Notimex) - Mexico is seen ending this year with up to 30 percent growth in e-commerce, according to the International Data Corporation. 

The figure would place Mexico at the top of e-commerce growth in the region, followed by Colombia, Chile and Peru. 

Brazil comes in fourth in the Corporation's forecast, with 22 percent growth. 

One of the main reasons for the positive figures is the wide range of payment options for shoppers, meaning e-commerce is becoming increasingly available to more people, said Rosa Costes, director of e-commerce company Envíos Click. 

Small and medium sized enterprises have also found a niche market thanks to e-commerce, said co-director of Envíos Click, Juliana Sarmiento. 

Startups and their preference for flexible business models have also helped boost e-commerce figures in Mexico. 

Photo: Public Domain (CC0)

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