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Magical Town of Huamantla inaugurates traditional fair

Puebla (Notimex) – The magical town of Huamantla, in the central state of Tlaxcala, has inaugurated the 144th edition of its traditional fair.

The events in the fair range from sports, art, culture and religious ceremonies.

Among the most famous attractions during the fair are the running of the bulls known as the “Huamantlada” and the colourful sawdust carpets made by the locals.

The fair is dedicated to the town’s patron Our Lady of Charity.

The highlight of the event is the night of August 14, when the locals gather to create the sawdust carpets along 10 kilometers of the town’s roads, for the procession of Our Lady of Charity through the streets until it arrives to the church.

Photo: Notimex/Special

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