Cepal praises Mexican fiscal performance

Santiago (Notimex) - The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, Cepal, has praised Mexico's fiscal performance over the past months, particularly the administration's efforts to curb spending.

"The 0.3 percent primary deficit in the country's GDP in 2016, became a 1.3 percent surplus in 2017," Cepal said in its Latin America Fiscal Outlook 2018 report.

The report added however, that tax income dropped 0.9 percent last year.

"Mexico is the Latin American country where income tax and capital earnings reach a higher relative value (almost 40 percent)," the report said.

Cepal also highlighted Mexico's tax on sugary drinks and high-calorie, non-essential foods implemented in 2013.

At a regional level, Cepal recommended a stronger fiscal policy as a way to stabilize and boost growth.

Photo: Alicia Bárcena (third from left), Executive Secretary, Cepal. Image: Chile President Office/Notimex