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Mexican researcher developing cactus-based bioplastic

Mexico (Notimex) - Sandra Pascor Ortiz, a researcher from the Atemajac Valley University, is developing a cactus-based bioplastic, seeking to replace oil-based plastics that take many years to degrade.

The project began after studying the mucelage released by the cactus, Pascoe said in an interview with Mexico's National Science and Technology Council.

The main goal is to use the cactus-based plastic to make bags for everyday use.

She added that the raw material for making the plastic can be obtained with a juice extractor, taking only the thickest liquid released by the cactus.

The next step is to add glycerin, natural proteins, and, if needed, natural color additives.

According to Pascoe, the cactus-based plastic can bio-degrade in three months, or two if it is in contact with water. The plastic is also non-toxic for wildlife.

Photo: Public Domain (CC0)


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