NY Metropolitan Museum of Art to open pre-Hispanic exhibit

New York (Notimex) - New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art has announced it will open an exhibition of more than 300 pieces of pre-Hispanic art, ranging from Mexico to Peru.

The exhibit, called "Golden Kingdoms: Luxury and Legacy in the Ancient Americas," includes 92 pieces from Mexico.

The exhibition will open from February 28 to May 28.

The pieces on show include crowns, pendants, necklaces, chestplates, ear and nose jewellery, masks, textiles, jars, mirrors, among many others. Most of the pieces have never been shown outside their country.

Among the most highlighted pieces are the funeral mask of a Mayan woman known as the Red Queen, from Palenque, as well as exquisite golden ornaments that belonged to the "Lord of Saipan".

Photo: The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. Public Domain (CC0)