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Mexican engineer receives UK award

Mexico (Conacyt) -- Mexican engineer Dafne Gaviria received the Amelia Earhart Fellowship, by Zonta International, for her work in improving the performance of new generation aeroplane engines.

Gaviria is currently working on her Doctorate degree in gas turbines and transmission systems at Nottingham University, UK.

As part of her Doctorate, Dafne is researching how oils behave inside aeroplane turbines.

"Oils help cool and lubricate, that's why it's necessary to better understand the behaviour of oils in order to propose improvements," she said.

She added that the innovation in her research lies in knowing if the oil evaporates, and if it does, how it happens.

Dafne studied her engineering degree at Mexico's National Autonomous University, UNAM.

Photo: Dafne Gaviria/CONACYT



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