UNESCO praises Mexico's efforts to preserve the Vaquita porpoise

Mexico (Notimex) -- The UNESCO's World Heritage Committee has praised Mexico's efforts in preserving the Vaquita porpoise.

The committee highlighted the importance of the measures taken by the Mexican government, which, in addition to the total ban on the use of gillnets, includes the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and the Carlos Slim Foundation.

The Committee also underlined the importance of China and the United States firmly supporting Mexico's efforts to prevent illegal consumption and trade of the Totoaba fish, the main cause of the decline in the vaquita in recent years.

Other protection measures include increasing the persecution of illegal fishing of Totoaba, prohibit night fishing in the upper Gulf of California and the Vaquita Reserve, and implement and restrict departure and arrival points for fishing throughout the region by inspectors.

Photo: Notimex