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Mexico readies first nanosatellite: AztechSAT1


 A group of Mexican students is working on the design and construction of a nanosatellite, which could be put into orbit by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Mexican Space Agency (AEM, for its acronym in Spanish).


The Aerospace Engineering students and professors working on the project are from the Autonomous Popular University of the State of Puebla (UPAEP).


The nanosatellite will be named AztechSAT 1, alluding to the Aztec culture and could be launched into orbit in 2019, said the project's scientific director, Dr. Héctor Simón Vargas Martínez.


"The nanosatellite or CubeSat is a 10-centimeter cube that aims to communicate with the Globalstar satellite constellation, which orbits the Earth at an altitude of 1,400 kilometers. This cube will be released from the International Space Station," said the Mexican science and technology authority Conacyt.

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