Mexico can boost economic potential with deals, researcher says

Mexico (Notimex) – Amidst a complex international scenario, Mexico can boost its economic potential through free trade deals with advantageous conditions, said Armando Sánchez Vargas, researcher of Mexico’s National Autonomous University, UNAM.

Mexico has to adapt to the global context and strengthen its domestic market, he added.

In the event of a renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement with Donald Trump as the incoming U.S. President, Mexico must protect the economic and political aspects of its part of the deal.

“Calculations must be cold, if we lose out in some areas, we must renegotiate,” Sánchez said.

“We have to keep this in mind, but also maintain a smooth relationship with the U.S. It’s not about damaging ties with our neighbor,” he added.

Photo: The UNAM rectory building. Guillermo Granados/Notimex